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Our aim is to motivate you to stay on target

Our online telehealth counselling, encouraging & resourceful website & expert moderated online community, supports your choice to vape to quit smoking & empowers you to make positive behavioural changes.

We believe your best chance of quit success is to manage all three aspects of smoking addiction. The physical, social and emotional.

Tips For Slips So You Don't Relapse

A slip is a brief return rather than a failure.Read more

How to Navigate Through Uncertainty.

This is a time of powerful collective uncertainty.Read more

Teen Brains And The Risks of Nicotine.

Safer than smoking doesn’t mean that vaping is safe.Read more

New Year's Resolutions. Achieve Your Goals!

January 1. An opportunity to change bad habits and set new routines.Read more

Smokefree 2025 Action Plan A World First.

The Future Smokefree Generation is less likely to become addicted. Read more

The Law and Smoking in Vehicles

If kids are in a vehicle, smoking & vaping is now prohibited. Read more

Why is Nicotine So Hard to Quit?

Nicotine is addictive. Addiction is not a myth. Dependence is real.Read more

Behavioural Support Benefits Quit Success

Physical health is just one priority that affects our wellbeing.Read more

Lockdowns. Emotions & Addictive Impulses.

We need to find new ways of either rewarding or distracting ourselves.Read more

You Don't Have to Gain Weight When You Quit.

If you stay mindful and remember that you're in control, you'll be ok.Read more

Vaping isn't Smoking. It's Different.

Vaping is considered a 95% less harmful pathway to quitting. Read more

Let's All Keep Kids Away from Smoking.

How old were you when you first noticed people smoking?Read more

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