We offer free quit support

We provide online telehealth counselling, an encouraging and resourceful website, and access to an expert moderated online community.

We take a harm reduction approach, by supporting smokers choosing to switch to vaping as a pathway to stopping smoking completely.

For people who already smoke tobacco, vaping may be a helpful stepping stone on the road to giving up. The Ministry of Health has a position statement on vaping and in that they say, "Expert opinion is that vaping products are much less harmful than smoking tobacco but not completely harmless."

Evidence is growing that vaping can help people quit smoking, and in conjunction with behavioural support, choosing to vape as a transitional smoking cessation tool may increase a smokers success to quit now. 

If you don’t already smoke, don’t vape. 

How does it work?

  • Fill out our online registration form
  • Know that if you're choosing to vape as a pathway to quitting, be ready to do so with no dual use of cigarettes.
  • Be open to making the necessary behavioural changes to ensure smokefree success.

If you don't want to register you're still welcome to access our helpful resources.

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