Benefits of Quitting

Isn’t it super cool to know that your health benefits begin just 20 minutes after you quit smoking?

That’s when your blood pressure and pulse return to normal. In 1 day your risk of having a heart attack starts to drop. In just 9 months your energy increases, your lungs produce less mucus so any coughing, congested sinuses or shortness of breath starts to go away. Your risk for heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis and all kinds of cancers reduce.

There's great benefits for those you love. Like, they get to see you live longer! If you have children, you decrease their risks related to second-hand smoke, like asthma, ear infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. If you're pregnant or thinking about having a baby, not smoking lowers SUDI or cot death risks. 

No more canary in the coal mine for your pets! They can say goodbye to their allergies, breathing problems and reduce their risk of getting cancer when they no longer have to share harmful environmental exposures.

Quitting smoking reduces the chances of impotence, having difficulty getting pregnant, having premature births, babies with low birth weights and miscarriage.  

Think about how great it will be to

  • get healthy
  • have more money to spend on things that matter
  • protect your loved ones
  • improve lung function, feel less out of breath and be more active
  • return your body temperature back to normal
  • not have to worry about your teeth, fingernails (and walls) going yellow
  • have oxygen reach your cells and tissues
  • get that stinky smell out of your hair and clothing
  • kiss without smelling of cigarettes
  • not ruin your dating chances
  • improve your taste and smell

Psychological Benefits

The more smokefree days you clock up, the more empowered you’ll feel. After only six months, your stress levels and mood may be better than when you smoked.


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