Reasons to Quit

Tobacco harms almost every organ of the body

About 4,700 New Zealanders die from smoking-related diseases each year.

That’s 13 people every day. Ministry of Health statistics show that lung cancer is the leading cause of death for our Māori women and the second leading cause of death for Māori men. It’s also in the top 5 causes of death for non-Māori. These statistics are tragic. With every puff of a cigarette, toxins and carcinogens are delivered to the body, and at least 70 combustible chemicals (from around 4000 chemicals in a cigarette) are known to cause 20 different types of cancer. 

Some of those combustible chemicals in cigarettes are found in nail polish remover, hair dye, cleaners, rat poison, petrol, lighter fluid, battery acid, embalming fluid, mothballs, batteries, paint, rocket fuel, and tar which is used to pave roads.

Smokers have up to twice the risk of stroke and a fourfold increased risk of heart disease. Smoking is a risk factor for dementia, diabetes, infertility, diminished sperm count, vision and hearing loss.

It’s never too late to quit.

Quit to lengthen your life expectancy, decrease your risk of disease and to feel healthier.  After quitting, you won’t cough as much or have as many sore throats or stuffy noses. You’ll increase your energy levels and find exercise so much easier to do. You’ll even improve your taste and smell. 

Second hand smokes affects the lives of your friends, family and pets.

Even third hand smoke has a toxic residue that sticks to walls, floors, clothes, and furniture. It lurks around in house dust. Exposure to it is harmful, especially for babies and children. Quit and be a Smokefree role model for future generations.

Buying cigarettes is like setting fire to money.

Imagine what else you could do with it! Buy more groceries? Save for a really great holiday?  Buy that big ticket item you've always wanted? If you smoked a $35 pack a day, that's around $245 a week and on average $980 a month. That's a whopping $12,000 a year. That's a cute car. Or the start of a house deposit. 

Tobacco is expensive and contributes to world poverty by diverting household spending from basic needs such as food and shelter, to tobacco.

Cigarette butts are not just a nuisance, they're toxic waste that pollute groundwater, contaminate our waterways and seriously harm aquatic animals and plants. Cigarette filters are made from a type of plastic that can take up to 10 years to decompose.


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